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Earth Station Who Ep 167

Earth Station Who Podcast Ep 167 – The Reign of Terror

Sacre Bleu! The First Doctor visits his favorite period of earth history and Mike, Mike, and Mary find themselves caught up in the violence, intrigue, and manic animation as guests of Madame Guillotine. We want to hear from you! Please write us at Also, please subscribe and rate the

The 2017 Dragon Con Khan Report Ep 8

The 2017 Dragon Con Khan Report Episode 8

Brace yourselves. Dragon Con 2017 is here! Mike, Mike, Mary Lou Who and Dakoma report the latest news and guest announcements. They, along with Michelle Biddix-Simmons, Kevin Bachelor, Eternal Zan, and many listeners, sound off on where they will be and what they are looking forward to at this year’s

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 371

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 371 – Celebrating 40 Years of Star Wars

A long, long time ago…George Lucas released a personal coming-of-age story that changed the galaxy. Mike, Mike, Alex, Ashley, and Jim “Spiff” Griffin share stories of how Star Wars influenced their lives and the world. Plus, Scott Loftis and John aka Wendol offer up some Geekside News and one of

Earth Station Who Ep 153

The Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 153 – The Pilot

At long last, series 10 has begun! Mike, Mike, Jen, and Mary meet Bill Potts, the newest companion to the Twelfth Doctor. She’s no idea the adventure that awaits her, though there are tons of clues of the past fifty years littered throughout this episode. Pour yourself a nice, tall

Quary in Black, Book Review By Ron Foriter

‘Quarry In The Black’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

QUARRY IN THE BLACK By Max Allan Collins Hard Case Crime 209 pages Release Date – Oct 4, 2016 Regardless of one’s opinion of the new “Quarry” Cinemax TV series, it has shined a light on these fantastic books and that is a benefit worth applauding. As Collins says in

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 358

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 358 – ESO Looks at Science II

Dr. Scott Viguie and Lucas Garrett once again drop some science on Mike and Mike, including the latest and greatest discoveries and technical breakthroughs. After too long a hiatus, Larry Johnson visits the station to announce the return of Cineprov! Plus, Michael Valentine and Captain Zorikh tout the NY premiere

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 357

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 357 – The Batman Lego Movie

If there’s one thing LEGO Batman loves more than beating up bad guys, saving the city, chowing down on lobster thermidor, and shredding the guitar, it’s listening to folks talk about how awesome he is. So, he should love hearing Mike, Mike, Alex, and Ashley review his new solo movie.

‘Circle City Shakedown’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

CIRCLE CITY SHAKEDOWN (A Phillip Chandler Mystery) By Bill Craig Whiz Bang LLC 274 pgs Bill Craig can knock out a half dozen crime thrillers faster than most established writers can do one. The amazement is, they are all damn good books. With “Circle City Shakedown,” first released in 2014,

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