Dr. Scott Viguie and Lucas Garrett once again drop some science on Mike and Mike, including the latest and greatest discoveries and technical breakthroughs. After too long a hiatus, Larry Johnson visits the station to announce the return of Cineprov! Plus, Michael Valentine and Captain Zorikh tout the NY premiere of Comix:The Movie at the upcoming Big Apple Con. All this, along with the usual Rants, Raves, Geek Girl’s Take, Khan Report, and Shout Outs!

Table of Contents
0:00:00 Show Open / Rants and Rave’s
0:21:16 A Talk with Larry Johnson of Cineprov
0:36:31 ESO Looks at Science II
1:21:52 A Geek Girl’s Take
1:23:32 The Khan Report w/ Michael Valentine and Captain Zorikh of Big Apple Con
1:46:18 Show Close

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