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The “C” word. What does it mean? Covid? Clones? Comics? Maybe a few other things? Listen as we explore everyone’s favorite third letter of the alphabet. Dean Backlund, front man of The Everyday Housewives, performs an amusing new take on an old tune and reminds us to just stay home!


The 42cast Episode 32: Arcade Dreams Are Made of These

Hold on to your quarters, this week we discuss the arcade phenomenon that as talk about 30 years of experiences playing the games and hanging out at the locations. We go over our favorites, how the games affected the console market and vice versa, and how arcades are making a

Spider-Man: Homecoming

The 42cast Episode 26: The Journey Home

Back in 2015, Marvel and Sony announced an unprecedented deal to allow Marvel to use Spider-Man in their movies and for Marvel to allow Sony to use some of their characters in a Spider-Man movie. No money changed hands, and both studios reaped the rewards. This week we dive into


The 42cast Episode 21: All the World is Waiting for Her

Six months ago DC rocked the world of men with a movie so groundbreaking and hopeful that it’s changing the face of Hollywood blockbusters. That movie is Wonder Woman. Join the cast as we talk about why we think it’s resonated so strongly with audiences, what effect we think that


The 42cast Episode 11: Train to Nowhere

The time has come for our second Comic Fliction segment as we talk about Snowpiercer. It’s a French comic book adapted by a Korean director and American writer, produced in Korea, and starring a multi-cultural cast. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the Earth has frozen over,

ESO Pro Ep 42 - AJ Styles

The ESO Pro Wrestling Roundtable Episode 42: A Phenomenal Episode

Here it is ladies and gentlemen. The interview of all interviews. It is our gift to you for being a listener of ESO PRO. That’s right, we have the one, the only, the phenomenal one AJ Styles! The WWE Champ joins John and Richard as they talk about his recent


Over on their Facebook page, Pulp 2.0 Press shared the work in progress from artist Jim Craig for the upcoming AGENT 13 Trilogy by Flint Dille & David Marconi. AGENT 13 (c) 2013 by Flint Dille and David Marconi. Published by Pulp 2.0.  

Next on ESO

Next week, Earth Station One takes a look back at Highlander. From a surprise cult classic to a franchise, to the various television spin-off series through talks of a reboot, Highlander has proven to have staying power. Sharpen your swords as Transmissions From Atlantis’ Jason and Rita De Le Torre

‘Doctor Who’ episodes to rent on Facebook

By Andrew Laughlin, for Digital Spy BBC Worldwide, the BBC’s commercial arm, has announced plans to rent digitally remastered episodes of classic Doctor Who on Facebook. Using the new Facebook Credits system, members of the social networking site will be able to visit the official Doctor Who page and stream

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