Rumor of the day: The Rock’s big-screen superhero role revealed

By Trent Moore, Source: Rumors have been swirling ever since Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson dropped a hint via Twitter that he could take up the mantle of a DC comics character sometime soon. Now we may know who it is. According to Bleeding Cool, a tipster overheard the Rock

7 years after his death, Star Trek’s Scotty is heading into space

By Trent Moore, Source: James Doohan, best known as Scotty from Star Trek: The Original Series, spent much of his career playing a spacefaring hero. But today he will finally make it into orbit—albeit seven years after his death. Doohan’s cremated ashes, along with those of about 300 other

Ridley Scott says Blade Runner 2 dumps Deckard for a female lead

By Trent Moore, Source: It’s been a relatively quiet few months since we learned that Ridley Scott was working on a sequel to his seminal 1982 film Blade Runner. But things are heating up now, and we finally have some juicy details on what we can expect when we

Chinese scientists say they’re close to building a real transporter

By Matthew Jackson, Source: We all love our Star Trek transporter toys, but we all know what we really want to do is step into the full-size model and shout “energize!” just before our bodies become light and then re-make themselves in another place. Sadly, it’s still out of

That Hulk TV series could smash onto ABC’s schedule by next year

By Trent Moore, Source: When ABC’s fall schedule was announced, there was one oft-rumored project that was conspicuously absent: The small-screen reboot of Marvel’s The Hulk, with none other than Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy) attached to produce. Well, we’re happy to report that Bruce Banner’s latest adventure ain’t dead

Marvel wants you to stop complaining about the new Spidey TV show

By Matthew Jackson, Source: While Marvel is still basking in the glow of all the Avengers fan love, some of its other properties aren’t being treated so warmly. Viewers of the new Ultimate Spider-Man animated series have taken to the net to complain about its humor, plotting and tone,

Get ready for the CBS Holmes series that pissed off Steven Moffat

By Trent Moore, Source: Ever since the BBC hit it out of the park with its awesome, modern-day reimagining of Sherlock, the classic detective has become a much hotter property on the small screen. The folks at CBS have been trying to get in on the action for a

Newfound Mayan calendar proves world was never gonna end in 2012

By Don Kaye, Source: You know how it’s been said for years that the Mayans predicted the world would end in 2012? Well, forget all that: A new discovery shows that the Mayans did no such thing. A cottage industry has sprung up around the idea that the Mayans—known

Eavesdrop as Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield talk Spidey stardom

By Krystal Clark, Source: There’s no bad blood between Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. The Spider-Men recently sat down for an interview in VMan magazine during which they discussed the pros and cons of being a webslinger. And best of all, Maguire gave some much-needed advice on preparing for

Highest-graded copy ever of Batman #1 breaks record at auction

By Trent Moore, Source: A top-quality copy of the Batman No. 1 from 1940 has broken an auction record for the issue, which is one of the most highly sought-after out there. So how much did it bring? The pristine copy of Batman #1, featuring the Caped Crusader and

How Avengers gave a 1,000 percent box office boost to John Carter

By Matthew Jackson, Source: Hey, remember John Carter? It’s the movie that lost as much money as The Avengers just made in three days. But Disney’s epic sci-fi bomb saw a dramatic jump in box office revenue last weekend, and it’s all thanks to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The weekend

Think you were abducted by aliens? Researchers say it was a dream

By: Matthew Jackson, Source: Thousands of people have been brave enough (or crazy enough, depending on whom you ask) to come forward in the last half-century with tales of alien abductions in the dead of night. It’s a widespread phenomenon, but researchers are adding fuel to the skeptic fire

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