Amy Pond

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The Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 189 – The Time of The Angels / Flesh and Stone+

The return of River Song! Mike, Mike, and Mary are joined by Mary’s sister Barbara as the Eleventh Doctor faces...

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The Fez+

I’ve been tossing this idea in my head and I’ve mentioned it in passing but I have strong feelings about...

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Coming soon from BBC Books is a new Doctor Who tie-in e-book entitled The Angel’s Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery...

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Toy Review – Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens Amy Pond (Police Costume) By Character Options+

I am a big-time build-a-figure chump. If there is an item that I think I need, then I am going...

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Karen Gillan insists Amy’s exit from Doctor Who should be FINAL+

By Nathalie Caron, Source: Karen Gillan really doesn’t want to come back to Doctor Who after she’s ended her...

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Goodbye Ponds?+

Source: Doctor Who TV A rumour has resurfaced that Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are leaving Doctor Who.

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