Karen Gillan says enough is enough to Amy PondBy Nathalie Caron, Source: Blastr.com

Karen Gillan really doesn’t want to come back to Doctor Who after she’s ended her run as the Eleventh Doctor’s companion, Amy Pond, in the upcoming seventh season. Not even in a cameo—insisting that Amy’s exit from the show should be final.

In an interview with IGN, the Scottish red-head has made it pretty clear that she doesn’t want Amy to come back to the TARDIS. Like EVER. Basically, Gillan wants to make sure she’s not gonna pull a Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) or a Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) :

I really, really want to have a final exit and then be able to look back on that as a final exit. I don’t know … I just don’t want to take away from that exit by making cameos in the future. I’d quite like it to be final and for people just to remember it fondly.

I want to see her go with everything that she wants, because initially, when we met her, she was just seeking what she wants, you know what I mean? And she was kind of in this lost, transitional period, where she didn’t have a stable life. So I just want to see her get what she wants.

The actress, who has often stated that she wished her character would die on Doctor Who (see here and here), is not really betting on Amy and her hubby Rory (Arthur Darville) to have a happy ending, either.

When asked if she hoped for one, Gillan said “I don’t even know what I’m hoping for. I just know that whatever I hope for, I read it and it’s always better!”

Question is—how is wanting to see Amy go with everything she wants really fit with Who showrunner Steven Moffat’s insistence that Amy and Rory will come to a heartbreaking end? Or even with Gillan’s own repeated wishes that Amy should die? Perhaps, when you think about it, the most heartbreaking thing that could happen is getting everything you ever wanted, and then die. So who knows?

But what do you guys think of Karen Gillan’s insistance in saying she doesn’t want to come back to that Big Blue Box ever again? Is it a bit too much?