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Not Too Old To Play With Toys – Rusted Robot Podcast 282+

Batman toys, horse semen, action figures and fast cars! You’re never too old to play with toys. The Batman’s Matt...

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It’s Triple Force Friday!+

Ever since I walked out of the theater almost two years ago, I have thought about “The Last Jedi” every...

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Road Trip 2019+

For this week’s podcast, Mr. Gene and I took an expected journey to Jacksonville and Orlando. Below are the stops...

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The Pro Wrestling Roundtable Episode 55 – Figures Toy Company+

John & Richard have a special guest for all you Pro Wrestling Roundtable Podcast fans. In continuing our wrestling action...

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Needless Things Podcast 66 – Figures Toy Company Returns!+

Chris DePetrillo from Figures Toy Company returns to the Needless Things Podcast!  

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Needless Things Podcast 64 – 2015 San Diego Comic Con Part 1 – The Toys+

It is time once again for Needless Things’ annual look at Sand Diego Comic Con! This year was so big it required...

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Needless Things Podcast 57 – The Joelanta Panel with Ricky Zero of Radio Cult!+

This episode was recorded LIVE at Joelanta & The Great Atlanta Toy Convention!

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Needless Things Podcast 48 – 2015 New York International Toy Fair Part 2 & The Great Atlanta Toy Convention+

Phantom Troublemaker and the Needless Things Irregulars once again convene to discuss and review Toy Fair!

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Earth Station One Episode 189 – Action Figures: Our Favorite Action Heroes+

Lights…Camera…Action! The ESO satellite reeks of testosterone this week as we rave about our favorite action heroes on the big...

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Next on Earth Station One…+

It’s all out action for the station crew as ESO explores their favorite Real-Life Action Figures. That’s right, ESO takes...

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