Superman, He-Man and Penny Can – Rusted Robot Podcast 326


Superman is in the news this week! Pop culture overload in this episode as we go over all the geeky goings-on, and all the nerd news!

Superman and Lois premiered its first episode this week. Our non-spoiler take-away is a must listen. In other Superman news, DC has a new solo movie in development from JJ Abrams. Rumour has it that we could finally see a Black actor in the Super role!

The Terminator franchise could be expanding. Netflix has ordered an anime series for the film series. No word yet on the era the show will be set in, or who the main characters will be.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe! New toys are coming to store shelves. There are 2 cartoon series in the works – one aimed at nostalgia, and one for the smaller kids.

Marvel News! WandaVision is firing on all cylinders. Falcon and Winter Soldier are coming to Disney+ on March 19, Loki will arrive June 11. Star Wars: The Bad Batch will stream as of May 4. Hulu debuted the trailer for the new M.O.D.O.K. series. Spider-Man 3 is going to have No Way Home for its subtitle.

In other pop culture news….DC will be giving us a Blue Beetle movie. Focusing on Jaime Reyes, this will be the first Latino superhero film. Jordon Peele’s Twilight Zone reboot was canceled after 2 seasons. Halle Berry will be starring in Mothership for Netflix. Wesley Snipes has an exciting new project in the works. There’s going to be a Pet Semetary prequel. District 10 is currently in development. It’s the long awaited sequel to District 9. The new zombie film from Zack Snyder released a teaser trailer for Army of the Dead.

Star Trek Prodigy reveals its characters. This week we got the first look at the animation and character styling for the new series. The show focuses on 6 non-human creatures. In other Trek news, we have been told that Section 31 will not happen until after the other new and current series finish their runs. We remember Leonard Nimoy who left us 6 years ago.

Dark Anger (I Come In Peace) is our retro trailer of the week.

Author Jack Whyte is our celebrity death of the week.

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