Marion Cotillard will be in the new Batman movie but as [Retracted]By: Matthew Jackson, Source:

Christopher Nolan is playing some Dark Knight Rises secrets so close to the vest that we’re not even sure who some members of the cast are actually playing. But thanks to a story in a small British newspaper, we now have confirmation that at least one of the most rumored female characters will show up in the flick.

Last Friday the Surrey Comet ran a nice story about an 8-year-old actress who just made her debut in a Hallmark movie called Christmas at Castlebury Hall. She even co-starred with the great Roger Moore.

But as nice as that is for young Leilah De Meza, it’s not what caught the attention of every fanboy on the planet. The story also includes the news that after she shot her little Hallmark movie, she was offered a role in The Dark Knight Rises as “young Talia al Ghul.”

Leilah’s mother Paula turned the role down because of a very simple concern about the look of the character.

“After careful consideration we turned it down as they were insistent that Leilah had to shave all her hair off,” she said. “We were prepared to have it cut short but not shaved at such a young age. We were concerned how this could have affected Leilah’s confidence and general social welfare.”

So this young star in the making passed on the chance to be a part of Nolan’s Batman saga, but the story did leave us with the news that Talia al Ghul will almost certainly make an appearance in The Dark Knight Rises.

We’ve been pretty convinced for a while that Marion Cotillard’s character “Miranda Tate” is just an alter ego for Talia, but no one’s been willing to drop the name. Now we at least know that a younger version of the character is planned for the flick.

We know that actress Joey King (who’s 12) has taken an unnamed role. Could she be the new young Talia? Is that where that Ra’s al Ghul cameo we’ve heard about will come in? These are all things Nolan is still keeping under wraps, but the name is out there. Let the speculation resume!