The Rusted Robot podcast has a major discussion about capes. Who wears capes the best? The main point is that society should be bringing back the fashion of wearing capes on a regular basis. I’d certainly wear a cape if everyone else was as well.

We’ve got your Star Wars movie news and rumours:

Boba Fett movie news,
Obi Wan movie?
Lando Calrissian movie?

Star Trek may be getting its own theme park courtesy of Universal Studios. We have a chat about all the possibilities this could bring to Trek fandom.

Jake Gyllanhaal cast as Mysterio in Spiderman Homecoming sequel,

TCAF: Toronto Comic Arts Festival,

DeadPool 2 review. Some of your hosts have seen the film and give their ratings in this spoiler-free talk.

Thundercats Roar is a new cartoon that is causing controversy and mixed reactions from fans all over the globe.

Magnum PI is getting a reboot and we have the trailer. A fun discussion about culture, race, and the show from the 1980s!

Season 2 of The Toys That Made Us, and 13 Reasons Why,

Cloak and Dagger TV series,

Our top 5 favourite robots…the 3 of us talk about our favourite droids/cyborgs/androids/robots!

#1 on our Top 10 fictional robot countdown! We finally reveal the most culturally significant robot of them all!

This week’s promo: Metalgeeks Podcast