Ratchet Retrocast 8The Energon must flow! Join us this episode in discovering the origins of the Transformers! Learn about Optimus Prime and the Autobots and the unending battle with Megatron and the Decepticons that has lasted for almost 30 years! Relive the joys of being a child by unlocking the secrets of robots in disguise and then suffering a mental breakdown when Optimus dies! And we even talk about the Go-Bots and the Rock Lords (well Q talks, we just laughed at him).

As usual, tune in for our Achievement Unlocked and later on in the Clockwork Quarter hour we have a special guest interview with Tony Ballard Smoot aka Captain Anthony LaGrange of the Airship Archon.

Transformers History
You Got the Touch
Death of Optimus Prime
BotCon 2013
Record Store Day
Superman Turns 75!

Achievement Unlocked
April 19, 1973 – Soylent Green is released
April 20, 1937 – George Takei, Sulu, is born
April 21, 1989 – Nintendo releases the handheld Gameboy in Japan.

Clockwork Quarter Hour with Tony Ballard Smoot
Airship Archon
Captain Anthony LaGrange: