Ratchet RetroCast Ep 43
Kicking off 2015 we bring you back once again to the golden age of comics with the 75th anniversary of Batman! Joining Q, Strangeway and Ratchet are our DC experts Jon and Jess Carroll! For the Clockwork Conversation we are joined by special guest Kevin D Steil as the Airship Ambassador! So grab your Batpod and tune in to the same Bat-Channel for the new Retrocast!

Show Notes:
75 Years of Batman
List of best Batman Graphic Novels
Super Powered Beat Down
50 Ways Superman Would Beat Batman
Batman `66
Batman: the Animated Series

Clockwork Conversations with the Airship Ambassador:
Airship Ambassador
Steampunk Museum
Steampunk Hands Around the World
Airship Ambassdor on FB
Airship Ambassador’s YouTube Channel

Final Thoughts-
Jonathan Carrol on FB
Geek Goddess (NSFW)
Lois Lane best report ever
Cosplayers on Ice