Ratchet Retrocast Ep 4John can’t stop smiling, CD is a princess, and Q is surrounded by woodland creatures, we must have leaped straight into the mind of Walt Disney. Luckily for us we have our special guest Brian Kesinger to guide us through, a Disney Story Artist and the talent behind Brian Kesinger’s Tea Girls! In this (extra long) episode we talk about the retro Disney animation films, and the illustrious history of the Disney company. Find out each of our top 3 picks of Disney movies as we discuss their impact on our childhood. Tune in for a special announcement from Brian about an upcoming project. And of course, “Achievement Unlocked”, our educational segment, and “The Clockwork Quarter Hour”, for all the to-do about the steampunk community. This episode is like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, so sit back and enjoy!

History of Disney
Waking Sleeping Beauty
Brian Kesigner Website
Clockwork Quarter Hour Steampop
Where is Dead Zero?
dOCTO Who by Brian Kesinger

Achievement Unlocked
Blazing Saddles Released
The Warriors Released
Jules Verne is born

Audio Love:
Da Vinci’s Notebook for the Mickey Mouse Club End Theme
Los Lobos for I Wanna Be Like You
Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire