Needless Things Episode 1
Inspired by my work with Director Faber, Mike, Bobby, and the multitude of fascinating personalities that are part of the Earth Station One network; I finally had to do it. I made my own podcast.

It all started when Director Faber responded to my suggestion of a podcast discussing the thirtieth anniversary of the Masters of the Universe toy line. His “Meh,” was bursting with exactly the sort of enthusiasm that leads people to stop going to the gym, eat donuts, and put their manuscripts back in the bottom drawer. But not so for me, Phantomaniacs! I vowed to stagger on into the annals of podcasting history and do it all on my own!

Much like Thomas Edison, Amelia Earhart, and bowling champion Armando Marino I set my wil against the momentous task at hand and achieved my dreams. Here, now, is the fruit of my labors. The very first Needless Things Podcast.

I sat down with Beau Brown of Bob & Carl: Sci-Fi Janitors fame and talked about the history of MOTU and the 2012 toy line. Here’s the skinny:

  • 30th Anniversary Figures
    • Photog – Heroic Master of Cameras designed by fan Nathan Bitner
    • Draego-Man – Evil Fire-Breathing Menace designed by legendary toy designers The Four Horsemen – mention dropped weapons
    • Spector – Heroic Master of Time Travel designed by ToyGuru Scott Nietlich – I do not begrudge him this figure. I would totally do the same thing. Spector is boring and I didn’t get him or want him, but good for ToyGuru.
    • Sir Laser-Lot – Heroic Knight of Grayskull designed by comic book writer Geoff Johns – Johns gets 80’s toys.
    • Cy-Chop – Evil Horde Bounty Hunter designed by apparent lunatic Terry Higuchi
    • Castle Grayskullman – Heroic Embodiment of Castle Grayskull designed by Daniel Benedict
  • 2012 Figures
    • January – Star Sisters
    • February – Sorceress, Fisto, Shadow Weaver
    • March – Kobra Khan
    • April – Thun-DERP-unch He-Man
    • May – Slush Head, Stinkor, Snake Mountain stands
    • June – Horde Prime, Snake MAA, Gryphon
    • July – Spikor, Vykron (SDCC)
    • August – Nothing
    • September – Mekaneck, DB Skeletor, Snake Men
    • October – Rattlor, Frosta, Weapons Pak
    • November – Eternos Palace Randor, Dekkker
    • December – Mosquitor, Procrustus, Granamyr

We had a great conversation that I think will be fun for toy fans and a must for Masters of the Universe fans. There’s a bit of naughty language, so be warned! Trust me when I say the use of harsh phrases such as “Wankel Rotary Engine” were absolutely necessary and used only with the greatest amount of discussion and hesitation.

So now, sit back with a glass of… whatever they drink on Eternia… and enjoy the inaugural episode of The Needless Things Podcast! My podcast host can’t embed its player in WordPress, so here’s an unexciting link:

Needless Things Podcast Episode 1: Masters of the Universe Classics