DisneyLand France getting it's own
By Jeff Sray, Source: Blastr.com

Toss that red flag for a “No Fair” foul! Rumors swirling around the Mouse House tell us the French are getting their very own Star Wars world in the next five years. Really? Before us?! Makes you almost want to boycott cheese.

According to the Disney and More blog, intrepid Disney Imagineers are apparently finalizing plans to design and convert an old section of Disneyland Paris into a radical Star Wars-themed land, complete with a Jedi Academy, revamped Star Tours ride, sci-fi shops and even a colorful Mos Eisley Cantina restaurant. Now that’s just cruel.

CEO of Disneyland Paris, Philippe Gas, was quoted a while back as saying that the new Star Tours 2.0 upgrade would not be completed on time due to budgetary issues and increased costs. That may have been a smoke screen for more elaborate plans to come, and no official word has come out of Burbank yet.