It’s hard to believe that it’s already the final day of Dragon Con — it seems like we were just getting started! Walking out of the con today for the last time and catching the train was a bittersweet experience for me. I had so much fun at the con this year and wasn’t quite ready to leave, but I’m going to be taking lots of great memories back home with me.

This morning I got to the con a little early so I could do a few “on the scene” interviews for the podcast. I talked to a couple volunteers who have been working at the con, and it was fun to hear their perspective. An army of 2,000+ volunteers help to make sure the con runs smoothly, and I think it’s so cool that these people are willing to volunteer their own time so that Dragon Con can be successful. I can’t imagine all the hard work it takes to a make a con like this possible, so thank you to all the awesome volunteers! I also chatted with a member of the Star Wars costuming group the Rebel Legion (a.k.a. the “good guy” version of the 501st). She was super nice and chatted with me about her own experiences at Dragon Con.

Next I wandered around the vendors area for a bit; it always amazes me to see all the talent on display at the vendors/artists/authors booths. It’s fun to just look at all the creative things people have put together.

My last panel of the con was about Luke Skywalker’s character journey (you know I had to work in just one more Star Wars panel!). 😉 It was a great discussion about Luke’s story arc through the movies, and where his character might go in the future (as a Force ghost?) in Episode IX. One of the things I love most about Luke’s character is that he is brave and cares so much about his family and friends. Even when he makes poor choices, he redeems himself, and he saves the day by taking a nonviolent path. I appreciated that the panelists touched on these aspects of his character.

Before I left the con for the day, I also had to stop by and say goodbye to my ESO friends. I really enjoyed getting to hang out in person, and I’m so thankful I got a chance to meet everybody. I will miss hanging out in person, but I know we’ll still get to hang out on Skype when we record podcasts.

As a first time Dragon Con attendee, I can say that I would definitely recommend the experience! There really is something special about Dragon Con. I was impressed by the wide variety of topics covered by the panels, all the great guests, and of course, the awesome cosplays on display. There really is nothing quite like a gathering of thousands of geeks who are all passionate about their fandoms. It seems like lately there’s been this weird toxicity in certain areas of fandom, and before Dragon Con I was a little discouraged by some of the discourse happening online. But coming to Dragon Con was so wonderful, because there was just this overwhelmingly positive attitude and support for different fandoms. Even “The LAST Last Jedi Debate” was fun and civil. I’m so grateful that I got to be a part of this fun, awesome, giant party celebrating geeks!

I noticed that there weren’t as many cosplayers today, but on my way out I did spot a cosplayer dressed up as the 13th Doctor, and I got to take her picture. I thought that was the perfect note to end the con on. 🙂 So, until next time, so long Dragon Con! I’ll miss you, and I definitely hope to be back!

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