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Earth Station Who Episode 84 – Flatline

The writing is on the wall and Mike, Mike, Jen, the Phantom Troublemaker, and artist Kelly Yates must think outside the box to review the ninth episode of the eighth series. With a little bit of role reversal, these pudding brains just might be the right choice.

The Ratchet RetroCast Episode 39 – John Carpenter’s Escape From RetroCast

Fitting for the Halloween season, John Carpenter has created some of the most thrilling sci-fi and horror and sci-fi horror movies of our time. Tune in as we discuss what truly made his films classics in our hearts with special guest host Isabella Bunny Bennett of Steam Powered Giraffe!

Earth Station One Episode 237 – The Creature, The Mummy & Other Universal Monsters

The Countdown to Halloween continues with this monster-size episode of the Earth Station One podcast! Mike, Mike, the award-winning artist Mark Maddox, Nick Ahlhelm, and Shiksa Ravelli form their own Monster Squad to review the “Home of the Monsters” Universal Pictures from 1923 to today. Plus, the usual Rants, Raves,

The Ratchet Retrocast Episode 38 – O Captain, My Captain

From the first time he stepped into our lives as Mork on Happy Days we knew Robin Williams had a gift. Share with the cast the life and times of Robin Williams as we have a special look back on his career and how it changed and affected our lives

Earth Station Who Episode 83 – Mummy on the Orient Express

This week, the ESW crew is going off the rails on a crazy train! Mike, Mike, Jen, the Phantom Troublemaker, and Adam Lance Garcia pose as mystery shoppers and attempt to solve the mystery of the eighth episode of the eighth series. Is this a goodbye to the good times?

Earth Station One Episode 236 – Werewolf

The ESO crew spotted a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic’s and his hair was perfect! Mike, Mike, the award-winning artist Mark Maddox, the not-so-award-winning-but-still-very-cool artist J.R. Mounts, and Ryan Cadaver & Derek Obscura from the Casket Creatures discuss their favorite lycan stories. Plus, we take Ryan out

Earth Station Who Episode 82 – Kill The Moon

On this episode, the intrepid ESW crew attempt to solve the age-old riddle of which came first, the moon or the egg? Whatever future humanity has depends on the review Mike, Mike, Jen, Phantom Troublemaker and Raging Bullet’s Sean Whelan recorded this week. And then perhaps we’ll nip out for

Earth Station One Episode 235 – Frankenstein

ESO is alive! Alive! The Countdown to Halloween begins with a look at one of the iconic classic horror creations of all time. Mike, Mike, Mark Maddox, Rebecca Perry, Martin Powell, and Leia Barrett-Durham discuss the creation of Mary Shelley’s Modern Prometheus and share our favorite adaptations. We also perform

DNA Review by Ron Fortier

DNA By Raven Bourne Self-Published Available at 405 pages Long ago, after Star Trek had become a huge media success, the book world jumped on the profit-bandwagon and we were suddenly flooded with new Trek novels written by multitudes of recognized sci-fi authors and eventually others by amateurs entering

Earth Station Who Episode 81 – The Caretaker

The ESW crew go under deep cover in familiar stomping grounds for the sixth episode of the eighth series. Mike, Mike, Jen, the Phantom Troublemaker, and Angela Pritchett attend Parent’s Evening at Coal Hill and are surprised to find a disruptive influence. Feel free to canoodle while listening.

Earth Station One Ep 234

Earth Station One Episode 234 – Godzilla: King of the Monsters

On this episode, the ESO crew takes a look at the birth of the “King of the Monsters.” Mike, Mike, the award-winning artist Mark Maddox, and Timothy Price travel back 60 years to find out what made Godzilla a worldwide phenomenon. We also take apart Robert Scott Field, aka android

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