Cosmic Pizza

The show of all sorts, that sorts all, by serving up a slice of life

Three friends bring you a special delivery of interviews, topical discussions, pop culture, life stories, history and more.

Dan Hitch
Paul Wright
Shawn Vanderloo

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 44 – Star Trek TOS Re-Cast

This week sees a return to the Casting Couch as Paul, Shawn and Dan re-cast the original series of Star Trek with contemporary actors.Listen to the guys discuss who they feel would be best to take on the roles of Captain Kirk, Mr Spock, Bones, Scottie, Checkov, Sulu and Uhura

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 43 – Office Christmas Party Pt2

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the Cosmic Pizza Podcast Office Party. This week the guys just talk about anything and everything. As with last week we have included some discussions we have had after the official recording has stopped. I have bleeped out some of the stronger naughty works but

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 42 – The Office Christmas Party Pt1

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the Cosmic Pizza Podcast Office Party. This week the guys just talk about anything and everything along with a quiz for Dan and Shawn. How well do you know Cockney Rhyming Slang and British Slang terms? This week we have included some discussions we have

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 41 – Our Favourite Stand-up Comedians Pt2

Welcome one and all to Episode 41 in which we conclude our conversation about our favourite comedians.As before the clips I have inserted do not belong to me and have been taken from the YouTube clips that I have added links to below.If you watch the full clip or even

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 39 – Sci-Fi Author Julia Huni

In Episode 39 we were lucky and honoured to speak to prolific Sci Fi Author Julia Huni. Julia has published 20 books between 2018 and 2021, has short stories in 5 Anthologies and has just started writing for the Kindle Vella serial series. If that wasn’t enough we find out

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 36 – Podcast Hosts we Have Lost

This episode is dedicated to 3 people.Brian Baker, Dan Levitt and Colin Higgins. These three people were podcast hosts on different shows, and we have podcasted with them to varying degrees over the last 8 years or so.Sadly, all three have since passed away at ridiculously young ages. They were

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 35 – Our top 3 films of the 1970s

In Episode 35 we pick up where we left off after Episode 34 where de discussed the top films of the 1970s. This time we each pick our top 3 films of that era collecting an eclectic mix of comedy action and science fiction.Which films would you have picked as

Cosmic Pizza podcast: Episode 34 – Films from the 1970s

This week the Pizza delivery guys look back at the most notable films from the 1970s. Normally we would each pick our top 3 favourite films but as the list of films was so long, we decided to cut the show into two parts. In part 1 we take a

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Ep33: The Casting Couch – Babylon 5

Recently J Michael Straczynski was given the green light to reboot his 1990s Sci-Fi classic TV series Babylon 5. He wasn’t sure he could re-cast the roles, so he got in touch with the guys at the Cosmic Pizza Podcast and asked us to help. Sadly, most of the cast

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