Cosmic Pizza

The show of all sorts, that sorts all, by serving up a slice of life

Three friends bring you a special delivery of interviews, topical discussions, pop culture, life stories, history and more.

Dan Hitch
Paul Wright
Shawn Vanderloo

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 57 – Cartoons of our Childhood

In this episode (the first of three, with Shawn and Dan to follow later) Paul looks back at the Cartoons that shaped his life. And there are a lot of them as all he used to do when he was young was sit in front of the TV (apparently). Most

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 56 – Summertime Special

The Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you episode 56 – Summertime Special. (Edited version) In the summertime, when the weather is fine! Today is our summertime special where we discuss our plane for this coming summer and what we used to get up to in summers past. What did you get

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 55 – Our Top Three Starships

The Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you episode 55 – Our Top Three Starships. Today the Pizza Men bring you their top three starships of all time. Shows featured in this show are Star Trek, Firefly, Hitchhikers Guide, Dr Who, Mass Effect and of course Star Wars. Which are your favourite

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 54 – The 2 Year Anniversary Show

The Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you episode 54 – Two Year Anniversary Show. We commemorate two years of podcasting together by looking back at our previous shows and celebrating all things two with two quiz’s. One is about musical twos and music with space themes, the other is a number

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 53 – Phil Russell TMNT Collector Extraordinaire

The Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you episode 53 – Phil Russell Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collector extraordinaire. Today the Pizza guys talk to Phil Russell who collects, amongst other things, all things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles memorabilia. Phil’s collection room looks more like a TMNT store than a bedroom with

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 51 – Stupid Deaths

The Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you episode 51. This week Shawn is away on a sabbatical, so Dan, Paul discuss stupid deaths from the Darwin awards website. There are far to many to discuss, as I am sure you are aware so we just picked out our favourites. In case

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 50 – The Works of Michael Crichton

The Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you episode 50. This week Dan, Paul & Shawn discuss the works of Sci-Fi writer, director, screenwriter and producer Michael Crichton. We find out that he was a giant in the sci-fi world as well as the real world and is more than just the

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 49 – War of the Worlds Review

This week Dan, Paul & Shawn discuss the War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. Dan talks about the book, first serialised back in 1897 by Pearson’s Magazine and Cosmopolitan. Shawn reviews the film from 1953 set in America and Paul shares his thoughts about the Jeff Wayne musical version

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 48 – Our Memories of 2003

This week Dan, Paul & Shawn discuss the year 2003. We talk about the major news stories of the year and the events that happened in our lives around that time. What did you get up to in 2003? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Email Title music

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 47 – Babylon 5 Season 1 Review

This week the delivery boys Dan, Shawn and Paul talk about their favourite Sci-Fi TV show. No, not Star Trek, but Babylon 5. They review Season 1 which they have been watching for their sister podcast The Epsilon Three. They pick their favourite and least favourite episodes, and share their

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 46 – A Play on Nerds

This week Dan, Paul & Shawn are joined by the friends of the show and hosts of the A Play on Nerds podcast, Jarman Day and Steve Bauman. These long-time friends have several shows on the A Play on Nerds website which can be found right here at such

The Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 45 – Our Favourite Films of the 80s

This week Paul, Shawn and Dan look back at the most notable films from the 1980s. We take a stroll through the decade discussing the big films of the time and reminiscing on how and when we saw them originally. We then each pick our favourite 3 films, not picking

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