Look who might be returnig for series 7
By Meredith Burdett, Kasterborous.com
Canton Everett Delaware III aka actor Mark Sheppard makes a few comments about his part in the Series 6 episodes The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon in an interview with New Zealand entertainment website Stuff.

The actor reflects on getting his father involved in the show to play and older version of him, being sandwiched between Michael Gambon and Michael Sheen and what it means to play a villain.

Sheppard dazzled Doctor Who viewers earlier this year when he appeared alongside the TARDIS crew to help President Nixon and to defeat the Silence.

Mark has a long association for playing villains in American shows; most notable was his performance in the short-lived Firefly, a western set in space, where he played a criminal called badger.

Reflecting on his guest appearances, the actor revealed why he preferred the parts to a more regular appearance:

“It tends to be the guests and the re-occurring guests have a lot more fun to do, because we come in and upset the apple cart a little and make it more interesting.”

We last saw the character of young Canton as the Doctor left him, standing alongside Nixon and talking about his future at the FBI. Could we see a return of Delaware in a future episode of Doctor Who?

Here’s hoping so!