Could we see more LOST???By Matthew Jackson, Source:

It’s been almost two year since Lost left us after six hugely successful seasons and one thoroughly divisive ending. Co-creator and co-showrunner Damon Lindelof has moved on to even bigger projects, including Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, but he’s not convinced the show is gone for good, even if he’s not the one who’ll bring it back.

Speaking this week at Variety’s Entertainment & Technology Summit, Lindelof talked about his Twitter account and again made his case for why Prometheus isn’t a prequel to Alien. Then Lost came up, and Lindelof said he’s fairly certain we’re destined to see more of that island someday.

“It’s been two years (since the series wrapped) and we told the story we wanted to tell,” Lindelof said. “I do feel like the world has not seen the end of Lost, but I’m not going to have any involvement.”

Ask 100 different Lost fans how they think the story might continue and you’re likely to hear 100 different answers, especially in light of the show’s ending, which wasn’t exactly a concrete resolution. Some fans would also likely rebel against the idea of continuing the story without Lindelof, who wrote or co-wrote more than 30 episodes of the series. But Lindelof himself isn’t worried about it, for a very simple reason.

“It would be hypocritical for me to say I’m going to do Star Trek but I don’t want anyone to touch Lost, ” he said.

So, Lost fans, is another trip to the island something ABC should consider. And with Lindelof out, would it be worth it?