Joss Wheadon learns from others mistakesBy Marc Bernardin, Source:

As the old saying goes, we’re all standing on the shoulders of giants. You’d be a fool to not learn from the errors of those that came before. So when Joss Whedon got involved with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, he looked at the mistakes of earlier comic book flicks and discovered the secret of the satisfying superhero movie.

During The Avengers press tour, Whedon was asked how one goes about making a good comic book adaptation and his answer is both simple and obvious—and yet eludes so many people who attempt to make them:

“It’s capturing the essence of the comic and being true to what’s wonderful about it, while remembering that it’s a movie and not a comic. I think Spider-Man, the first one particularly, really captured [the spirit of the comic]. They figured out the formula of oh, tell the story that they told in the comic. It was compelling, that’s why it’s iconic, but at the same time they did certain things that only a movie can do [but] were in the vein of the comic.

“I think you see things like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, where they just threw out the comic, or Watchmen, where they do it frame for frame, and neither of them work. You have to give the spirit of the thing and then step away from that, and create something cinematic and new.”

It must be harder than he makes it seem, right? I mean, if it was that easy, everyone would do it … right? Right?!