How did the dead walk.. lets find Marc Bernardin, Source

Before AMC’s hit series launches into its second season on October 16th, we’re going to learn exactly what kicked off the zombie apocalypse—through the eyes of one particular zombie.

In Walking Dead’s pilot episode, “Days Gone Bye,” the good sheriff Rick Grimes stumbles out of a hospital to see a world ravaged by an unseen event that caused the dead to not stay dead. One of the first things he encounters is a legless zombie, slowly making her way from an unseen Point A to an indeterminate Point B.

A new six-part web series, directed and conceived by Walking Dead FX maestro and co-executive producer Greg Nicotero, will tell the story of this zombie—also known by her given name, Hannah—and through her, reveal the early days of the zombie-laden hell on Earth.

The web series will premiere on October 2nd. The nightmares will begin shortly thereafter.