Walking Dead Location Spoiled??By Trent Moore, Source: Blastr.com

A small town Georgia newspaper may have just leaked a major location and plot point for season three of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Possible spoilers ahead!

According to the Times-Herald in Coweta County, Walking Dead location scouts have been meeting with officials from the small town of Senoia to use the locale as a major set in season three—and perhaps season four—of the zombie survival series.

In a meeting with the town council, AMC representative Mike Riley told local leaders how the town would be portrayed on the show—and spilled some pretty big spoilers in the process.

“Senoia will become a town that is a sanctuary from the zombie apocalypse. You’re in a safe environment, If you’re outside it, you’re not,” Riley said, adding the fictional settlement will be ruled by a “benevolent dictator.”

As for how the survivors have kept the zombie hordes at bay, Riley said the crew plans to build a “temporary, movable perimeter wall” in the town.

“It will look like a gate,” he said. “[Made from] various paraphernalia—old tires, doors.”

Riley said crews could be in the town for quite a while, meaning whatever place Senoia is portraying should factor pretty heavily into the upcoming third season, and maybe longer.

Sound off: After the demise of Hershel’s farm, how do you think this new refuge will hold up?