THUNDER TALK Issue 32 – The Fall Horsemen / Mike & Mike / Revelator + Ven Perp


We have a chat with James and Jessica Moser, the diabolical masterminds behind The Fall Horsemen! They give us an exclusive behind the scenes peek into the hottest new channel that’s taking YouTube by storm. Come celebrate 31 Days of Halloween and everything Fall along with fellow Horseman Sexy… I mean Spooky Thor!

Want to start a podcast? Miss DragonCon? History of Comic Book’s JT Wheatley grabs a mic with Mike & Mike, Gordon and Faber that is. ESO’s very own Glimmer Twins break down this years virtual con while dispensing some invaluable wisdom for anyone looking to break into the podcast game!

Hey Boomer! I think you forgot something. An entire generation perhaps? Jon Rasmussen of the supergroup Revelator teams up with legendary Hip-Hop artist and producer, Ven Perp, and reminds us of what they’ve “Forgotten”!

Beth & Kawika are Raised By Wolves out in Lovecraft Country living that Lower Decks life with not one, not two, but three reviews in a popping fresh What’s on Our Tube! Dan has problems but Mark has solutions for how to deal with Trick or Treating this Covid cursed Halloween. And of course, Spooky Thor delivers the nerd news with another Sexy WTLK – The Thunder!

00:00:47 Ride with The Fall Horsemen

00:10:18 Fabercast

00:22:52 Covid vs. Candy

00:31:19 Revelator + Ven Perp “Forgotten”

00:46:08 James è lento e decente nella follia perché si è chiuso in studio per un mese intero e ha parlato tra sé di film dell’orrore per trentuno giorni consecutivi!

00:54:25 New Legend Mike

01:00:22 Go! Go! Porno Rangers!

01:09:39 What’s on OurTube – Raised by Wolves, Lovecraft Country, Lower Decks

01:35:42 #fh4trvl

01:39:17 DragonFuture

01:47:43 Jam The Lane

01:52:41 he Future of Fall

01:59:35 WTLK – The Thunder

02:12:21 a modest outro

02:15:15 Stick Around After the Credits






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