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THUNDER TALK ANNUAL ONE #1 – DragonCon and the ESO Network

Welcome to Thunder Talk Annual One, Part 1! We take a look at the Dragon Con progress report and JT Wheatley of the History of Comic Books breaks down the Avengers Endgame deleted scenes. The one and only Bradly Palermo rocks Studio D with “Tombstones”! Dreek pops in for some Bad Advice while Dan and Sexy Thor tackle Marvels Phase 4. All that plus Beth and Kawika deal with strangers sliding into their DMs. Finally, we celebrate our admittance into the ESO network with a whole chicken and ‘No Jackets Required’.

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00:01:13 – ESO Network “The Adventure Begins!”
00:09:34 – Phase 4 pt.1
00:21:31 – Where’s My DragonCon Progress Report!
00:31:23 – Avengers: Deleted Take #1 w/ JT Wheatley
00:35:13 – Studio D w/ Bradley Palermo “Tombstones”
00:45:57 – Cybertronic DragonCon
00:58:19 – Phase 4 pt.2
01:03:09 – Beth & Kawika Sliding into DMs
01:10:06 – Phase 4 pt.3
01:17:22 – WTLK w/ Sexy Thor
01:20:25 – Dan’s Bad Advice Column w/ Dreek
01:28:34 – DragonCon: First Blood Part Two
01:34:59 – Avengers: Deleted Take #2
01:44:05 – Thunder Talk Goes Commercial
01:45:24 – Sexy Lives! / Outro

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