Ratchet RetroCast Ep 27Ladies and Gentlemen, be prepared for the biggest case of false advertising thanks to the title of this episode. Delve into the worlds of Epic and High Fantasy that dominated the late 70’s, through the early 80’s. We are joined this time by the lovely Kellen Harkins, track director for American Sci-Fi & Fantasy Track. Bringing in her vast knowledge of this topic, she is quick to zing Q, Ratchet and Strangeway and keep them in line. This time for the Clockwork Quarter Hour we are joined by Michelle aka Queen M of the Red Fork Empire and Steampunk Comics to share her experience of the New England steampunk scene. In addition we also have a special interview with Jenn Liang of JordanCon to give us insight into the upcoming convention!

Show Notes:
What Makes Epic Fantasy Epic?
The Star Wars Debate

Neverending Story
Legend Ultimate Edition
Princess Bride
Portal Fantasy
David Lo Pan Style
American Sci-Fi & Fantasy Track at Dragon Con
Lord of the Rings, the hallmark of epic fantasy

Special Interview with Jenn Liang of JordanCon!
JordanCon with Jennifer Liang
And John seems to love this Con
Brandon Sanderson
The Wheel of Time & Dragonmount

Clockwork Quarter Hour with Queen of Sanctuary of the Red Form Empire!
Red Fork Empire
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Steampunk Comics
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