Hey folks, love is in the air and in the ring as the roundtable crew take a look at couples in the ring. That’s right, with Valentine’s day right around the corner we wanted to take a look at the many great and not so great couples that wrestling has presented over the many years. Of course as always John, Richard, and Jonathan are in on the discussion as the one and only Joe Crowe joins in on a fun discussion. They talk everything from, of course, the first couple of professional wrestling Macho Man & Miss Elizabeth all the way to Dolph & Vickie while even Chuck & Billy get a mention.

Also, as a special Valentine’s Day treat, our own Jonathan Williams from www.wrestlingwithpopculture.com got an exclusive interview from Raphael King & Devyn Nicole. They join us to talk about their careers and tell us about what its like to be a couple in wrestling. From how they met (both versions of the story) and a fun Valentine’s Day story. Not only do they talk about their wrestling but their experience on a reality show which was on Centric (with reruns on BET OnDemand) entitled My Current Situation.

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