The 42cast Episode 101: Mutatis Mutandis


The Gifted was one of Fox’s last adaptations of the X-Men mythos. Set in a nebulous time in the near future after the X-Men and Brotherhood have disappeared, The Gifted chronicled the story of every day mutants who have to deal with a world where they’re feared and hated. The second season of the series deals with the aftermath of the split of the mutant Underground as half the members choose to ally with the Hellfire club. We discuss first season of The Gifted back in episode 37. Now, for the first time we’re airing our discussion of season 2 which had been lost to the archives until now.

In this episode we talk about new characters Reeva Payge and Rebecca Hoover and how they alter the trajectory of the series. We also discuss the morality of Jayce Turner and Andy Strucker as both continue to make questionable choices. We also mention the “third choice” and why the Morlocks add some complexity to the mutant question. We also get into mutant parenthood, the fine line between drama and melodrama, and John’s fashion choices. We also talk about what we think would have happened if the series had gotten a third season.

In this week’s five-minute controversy we discuss whether an almost 3 hour runtime is too much for Avengers: Endgame.

This week James, Mike, and Anji join the cast.

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