Year in Review

Best of 2019: Entertainment year in review

It may have gotten off to a bit of a slow start, but 2019 really was a great year for movies and TV. When I was compiling my list of personal favorites, I had to limit myself to 10, because this list could have easily gotten out of hand. It

Year in review: My favorite movies of 2018

Although it sort of seemed like 2018 didn’t have as many “big” movies as years past, I ended up having no trouble putting together a list of my favorite films from last year. The past few years, I’ve done a top 5, but I just couldn’t bring myself to cut

Beyond the Oscars: Pick your own Academy Awards categories!

Although I always enjoy hearing what films are nominated for the Academy Awards each year, I often like to joke that my personal favorite movies of the year typically don’t get mentioned until the more technical categories, like “best visual effects.” 😉 So, just for fun, I made up some

2017 in review: My five favorite movies of the year

Another year is winding down at the box office, which means it’s time to take a look back and see what movies hit (or missed) the mark! Like always, there were some surprises and disappointments, with some films that lived up to the hype and some that fell short of

So long, 2016 — entertainment year in review

By Ashley Pauls/Box Office Buzz 2016 was quite a year — in both good ways and bad. While 2016 will probably not go down in history as one of the most beloved years, at least it was a very good year in entertainment.

Entertainment year in review: My top five of 2015

By Ashley Pauls/Box Office Buzz At the end of year, I normally put together a top 10 list of my favorite entertainment items. When I first started blogging, I just did five items, mostly because I was still figuring this whole blogging thing out, 😉 but I later bumped it

RevolutionSF Podcast : 2013 Year in Review : Video Game Edition

Once more we’ve come to the end of another solar cycle, which means it’s time to take a fond (and sometimes un-fond) look back at the highs and lows of 2013. In the first of these special episodes, RevNews host Gary Mitchel has blown on the cartridges, pulled out the

Top 10 of 2013: Entertainment year in review

By Ashley Bergner Box Office Buzz In 2012, “The Avengers” was the king of the box office. It was that one movie everyone was talking about, the one everybody felt they had to see opening weekend, and it ended up near the top of the all-time highest grossing movies list.

Box Office Buzz: My favorite movies of 2012

By Ashley Bergner Box Office Buzz From superheroes to super spies, from hobbits to bow-and-arrow wielding heroines, 2012 was quite an epic year at the box office. It’s been a while since I remember so many good movies being packed into one year, and I had a difficult time narrowing

Earth Station One Episode 93: 2011 is over, are we ready 2012?

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2012 and yet another episode ESO podcast. This week we talk about the year we just left, 2011.. what we liked, what we didn’t and also what we are going to look forward to in 2012. Join us for yet another episode of

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