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Timestamp #225: A Good Man Goes to War

Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes to War (1 episode, s06e07, 2011) Demons run when a good man goes to war. Prequel: Brain Trafficking Dorium Maldovar meets with three cloaked figures. He tells them that his agents have procured the exact security software they have requested, extracted from memory –

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Timestamp #224: The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People

Doctor Who: The Rebel Flesh Doctor Who: The Almost People (2 episodes, s06e05-06, 2011) Send in the clones. The Rebel Flesh In a dark and creepy island fortress, workers Jennifer, Buzzer, and Jimmy enter a room with a large vat. While wearing protective suits, they analyze the acid within. Buzzer

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Timestamp #223: The Doctor’s Wife

Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Wife (1 episode, s06e04, 2011) “Where’s my thief!?” A woman named Idris is led to a platform by “Auntie”, “Uncle”, and “Nephew”, the last of which is an Ood who drains her mind in preparation for a Time Lord’s arrival. On the TARDIS, the Doctor, Amy,

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Timestamp #222: The Curse of the Black Spot

Doctor Who: The Curse of the Black Spot (1 episode, s06e03, 2011) Yo ho ho… or does nobody actually say that? Prequel Captain Henry Avery writes in his journal onboard the seagoing vessel Fancy. The ship has been stranded for eight days due to a lack of wind, so all

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Timestamp #221: The Impossible Astronaut & Day of the Moon

Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut Doctor Who: Day of the Moon (2 episodes, s06e01-02, 2011) Welcome to the Silence. Prequel In the White House, President Nixon answers the telephone in the Oval Office. The line only clicks until he asks, “Is it you again?” A child’s voice tells him to

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Timestamp #220: A Christmas Carol

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol (Christmas Special, 2010) Three spirits, a Christmas miracle, and a sonic shark. A passenger liner is plummeting toward the surface of an unknown turbulent planet. The captain cancels Christmas as she attempts to save the ship, and as she detects a distress signal from the

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Timestamp: Sarah Jane Adventures Series Four Summary

Sarah Jane Adventures: Series Four Summary Series Four was a strong showing for a season of change. The series started with the departure of another series regular, Tommy Knight as Luke, leaving Elisabeth Sladen as the only remaining member of the cast that started with the show. As it progressed,

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Timestamp #SJA25: Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane Adventures: Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith (2 episodes, s04e06, 2010) Who could ever replace Sarah Jane Smith? A meteor hurtles toward Earth. Mr. Smith redirects the threat into the forest and the Bannerman Road Gang rushes to the scene to deal with a potential pathogen. When they arrive, they

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Timestamp #SJA24: Lost in Time

Sarah Jane Adventures: Lost in Time (2 episodes, s04e05, 2010) It’s a good core with poor wrapping. The Bannerman Road Gang is chasing a report of aliens in a local shop. While looking around, the team meets a parrot and finds both a music box and a bloodstained arrow. They

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Timestamp #SJA23: The Empty Planet

Sarah Jane Adventures: The Empty Planet (2 episodes, s04e04, 2010) It’s a tale of loneliness and acceptance. Mr. Smith detects an alien energy trace but it vanishes into Earth’s own energy signals. Sarah Jane asks for a deep scan to locate it while Rani and Clyde look on. Sarah Jane

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Timestamp #SJA22: Death of the Doctor

Sarah Jane Adventures: Death of the Doctor (2 episodes, s04e03, 2010) The Doctor is dead. Long live the Doctor. Luke is talking to the Bannerman Road Gang over webcam when UNIT arrive at Sarah Jane’s home. Colonel Tia Karim bears bad news: The Doctor is dead. The Shansheeth discovered the

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Timestamp #SJA21: The Vault of Secrets

Sarah Jane Adventures: The Vault of Secrets(2 episodes, s04e02, 2010) Here come the Men in Black… um… again. A teenage girl searches an abandoned asylum for something called the Vault of Secrets. Her arrival sets off alarms and awakens guardians. When she finds the vault she’s stopped in her tracks

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