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Timestamp #SJA20: The Nightmare Man

Sarah Jane Adventures: The Nightmare Man (2 episodes, s04e01, 2010) You can’t get him out of your head. Luke starts the story with a warning that the end of the world is approaching, that it is his fault, and the Nightmare Man is coming for him. One year earlier, Luke

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Timestamp: Series Five Summary

Doctor Who: Series Five Summary Series Five shifted gears with a new Doctor and a new showrunner. Having seen the Matt Smith episodes before, I haven’t looked back fondly upon them. I think part of it was my mindset, especially after binging the episodes from Series One. I’m also a

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Timestamp #219: The Pandorica Opens & The Big Bang

Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens Doctor Who: The Big Bang (2 episodes, s05e12-e13, 2010) A roller coaster ride that closes the narrative circle. Mostly. The Pandorica Opens France, 1890: Vincent van Gogh finishes a painting and lapses into a screaming fit. Doctor Gachet and Madame Vernet attempt to calm him,

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Timestamp #218: The Lodger

Doctor Who: The Lodger (1 episode, s05e11, 2010) The Odd Couple and Three’s Company meet a blender. The TARDIS lands in Colchester, which is far from the intended destination of the Fifth Moon of Sinda Callista. The Doctor is somehow shoved out of the TARDIS as it dematerializes with Amy still

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Timestamp #217: Vincent and the Doctor

Doctor Who: Vincent and the Doctor (1 episode, s05e10, 2010) Demons take their toll. The Doctor and Amy visit the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. The Doctor is being very nice to Amy to distract her from something she doesn’t quite remember. While Doctor Henry Black leads a tour of the Vincent van Gogh

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Timestamp #216: The Hungry Earth & Cold Blood

Doctor Who: The Hungry Earth Doctor Who: Cold Blood (2 episodes, s05e08-09, 2010) Time travel can be cruel. The Hungry Earth In the year 2020, a team led by Dr. Nasreen Chaudhry is engaged in the deepest drilling project in history. This is taking place in Cwmtaff, Wales, and they’re

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Timestamp #215: Amy’s Choice

Doctor Who: Amy’s Choice (1 episode, s05e07, 2010) Life is but a dream. In quiet Upper Leadworth, a very pregnant Amy is mixing up a cake in the kitchen when she has a false labor alarm. Rory finds her eating the batter when the Doctor arrives. It’s been five years

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Timestamp #214: The Vampires of Venice

Doctor Who: The Vampires of Venice (1 episode, s05e06, 2010) There’s something fishy in the waters of Venice. Meanwhile in the TARDIS, Part II The Doctor gets Amy back into the TARDIS where she continues trying to seduce him. While he tries to work the console, proclaiming to be a

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Timestamp #213: The Time of Angels & Flesh and Stone

Doctor Who: The Time of Angels Doctor Who: Flesh and Stone (2 episodes, s05e04-05, 2010) Not blinking just got a lot more complicated. The Time of Angels A uniformed man spins blindly in a field, his face graced by a lipstick kiss. When a man in an evening suit wipes

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Timestamp #212: Victory of the Daleks

Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks (1 episode, s05e03, 2010) Subversively, this story is literally what it says on the tin. The time is World War II. Winston Churchill enters the Cabinet War Rooms and asks about the status of incoming enemy planes. When advised that they are out of

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Timestamp #211: The Beast Below

Doctor Who: The Beast Below (1 episode, s05e02, 2010) It’s no disc on four elephants on a turtle, but it’s still home. Behind-the scenes: Because Series Five started a franchise trend of related mini-episodes and prequels for certain stories, I’ll start including them where appropriate. Meanwhile in the TARDIS, Part

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Timestamp #210: The Eleventh Hour

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour (1 episode, s05e01, 2010) Is this planet protected? Before we get there, where were we? Oh, yeah… “Geronimoooooooooooo!” The TARDIS flies end-over-tea-kettle as the newly regenerated Eleventh Doctor hangs on for dear life. He nearly misses Big Ben before crawling back inside. In 1996, a

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