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Metal Geeks 168: Favorite Disney Parks Attractions Geekery+

Join your hosts Cary the Metal Geek and Brutal Dave as they discuss the 50th anniversary of the Haunted Mansion,...

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Pop Culture Cosmos #151- The Lion King Roars Into Theaters, Avengers Endgame Tops Avatar, and Marvel Announces Phase Four!+

Ben Arnot from and the Smoking Hot Confessions Podcast stops by to talk about the success of The Lion King, Avengers...

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Cash-grab rehash or creative re-imagining? Thoughts on the Disney live action remakes+

While not all of Disney’s live action remakes of their animated classics have been a hit with critics, they do...

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Pop Culture Cosmos #117+

Just how much did Wreck it Ralph Break The Internet this Thanksgiving weekend, has Fallout76 permanently damaged the Fallout brand,...

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Metal Geeks 117: Tickling My Geekery+

The Metal Geeks venture into Disney territory as they discuss their favorite all time animated movies and the whole crew...

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