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Modern Musicology #79 - Reviewing the Wham! Documentary

Modern Musicology #79 – WHAM!

WHAM! This week your hosts Rob and Alan, joined by our good buddy JM Tuffley, do the jitterbug as we take a peek at the new Wham! documentary on Netflix. Described by Decider as “a buddy film disguised as a music documentary, Wham! tells the story of how Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael met, became besties, formed a

Modern Musicology #78 - METAL!

Modern Musicology #78 – METAL!!!

METAL!!! This week the MM gang (Stephanie Seymour, Anthony Williams and R. Alan Siler) is joined by Matt Alschbach of The Rock and Metal Profs Podcast to talk all things hard rock and heavy metal! We talk about where our love of metal began (for Alan and Matt it was two different shows on the same tour in 1979),

Modern Musicology #77 + Tommy Stinson Interview

Modern Musicology #77 – Tommy Stinson

Tommy Stinson Interview This week we’re honored to be joined by Tommy Stinson, former member of The Replacements, Soul Asylum, Guns N’ Roses, and Bash & Pop, to talk about his new album with Chip Roberts, Wronger. We talk about Tommy’s songwriting process, writing songs so good they make your butt pucker, creating music in the

Modern Musicology #75 - Surprise Favorites

Modern Musicology #75 – Surprise Favorites

Surprise Favorites You know those songs, or maybe an album or an artist, that totally catch you by surprise? Either it’s an album that you discovered in a surprising way, or an artist you don’t care for but that one song stood out for you, or maybe it’s someone that

Modern Musicology #74 - The Music of 1983 Part 2

Modern Musicology #74 – Music of 1983 (Pt 2)

1983 Part 2 This week we talk about the second half of 1983 — July through December. With incredible debuts by Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Wham!, Metallica, Slayer and more, plus major releases from Yes (90125), Genesis (Genesis), Huey Lewis and the News (Sports), KISS (Lick it Up), Motley Crue (Shout at the Devil), Lionel Richie (Can’t Slow Down), John Cougar Mellencamp (Uh Huh), Paul McCartney (Pipes of Peace), Eurythmics (Touch), Duran Duran (Seven

Modern Musicology #72 - Rob and Steph Show

Modern Musicology #72 – Rob and Steph

Rob and Steph Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show! What do you do when two of your co-hosts are absent and you had a guest cancel at the last minute? You improvise! That’s exactly what happened this week as Stephanie Seymour and Rob Levy find themselves in the Modern Musicology studios alone! So what did they do?

Modern Musicology #71 - Ricky Byrd Interview

Modern Musicology #71 – Ricky Byrd Interview

Ricky Byrd This week we have the pleasure of chatting with RICKY BYRD — guitarist, songwriter, current solo artist, former member of the classic line-up of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee. In this interview, Ricky talks about learning Beatles and Stones songs off the radio as a kid, seeing bands

Modern Musicology #70 - The Music of Saturday Night Live

#70 – The Music of Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live! This week we turn our attention to one of the greatest television institutions in history — SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE — and its amazing musical legacy. We talk about some of our favorite musical performances ever (and some of the worst, too), what artists the show introduced us to that

Modern Musicology #68 - Rock's Greatest Comebacks

Modern Musicology #68 – Greatest Comebacks

Greatest Comebacks This week we recount the stories of the greatest comebacks ever in pop music! The discussion includes bands and artists that actively left music and then reentered the scene, as well as those who bounced back from disastrous periods in their career. Our topic ranges from Elvis (of course) and Tina (of

Modern Musicology #67 - It's a SPARKS Show!

Modern Musicology #67 – It’s a SPARKS Show!

SPARKS Show! This week, with Stephanie and Alan away for the week, the podcast is taken over by Rob and Anthony, who take the opportunity to do a deep-dive on one of their favorite bands, SPARKS! They discuss how they became Sparks fans, what they love about the band, seeing the band live, the Mael Brothers’ importance

Modern Musicology #66 - The 27 Club

Modern Musicology #66 – The 27 Club

The 27 Club There have been a shocking number of artists who have all died at the same very young age, early into what was already a hugely successful and influential career, but should have been a long and legendary career. They are The 27 Club. We discuss the major figures

Modern Musicology #64 - Two- or Three-Hit Wonders

Modern Musicology #64 – 2- or 3-Hit Wonders

2- or 3-Hit Wonders You always hear about one-hit wonders . . . well, what about 2- or 3-hit wonders? This week the Modern Musicology team (Anthony Williams, Stephanie Seymour and Rob Levy) talks about those acts that made it beyond one hit. But what makes a two- or three-hit wonder? Some

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