Rusted Robot 221: Klingons Stargate to Thundercon

Your favourite host Shawn, and the Klingons invade Thundercon using the Stargate! This week on episode 221 of the Rusted Robot Podcast, we’re talking about the adventures Shawn had while dressed up as a Klingon. He and his companions drove halfway across the province to Thunder Bay for an amazing


The 42cast Episode 13: Streams do Come True

It seems like you can’t look at the internet anymore without reading a report about some new streaming service starting up. This episode we look into what’s going on with all these services. Can they survive with a single, popular product? Can the consumer base afford to have so many

Transmissions From Atlantis 78 – Stargate Regenerates

J JC and Rita step through the gate and debate the Stargate Reboot announcement. Should the TV series be incorporated into the new film trilogy? Plus, Paul McGann in the TARDIS again? All this, plus Sacha Dzuba in ARTC’s  Dr. Geoffry Stanhope, Investigator of Occult Phenomena: A Vision of Vampires.  Links

Transmissions From Atlantis 52 – The DragonCon Interviews

We have a special DragonCon preview for Episode 52 of TFA. We give you all the interviews we’ve had with the DragonCon Track Directors previewing their tracks for DragonCon 2013. Included in this collection is Garrett Wang (Star Trek), Brandy Roatsey (Star Wars), Jennifer Breland and Jamie Poff (Stargate), Mary

RevolutionSF Roundtable Podcast: Stargate: 10,000 Episodes Can’t Be Wrong

Stargate, the long running series of series that most of us have watched in at least one of its incarnations, is the topic for discussion this week. Our co-hosts Deanna Toxopeus and Gary Mitchel sit down with Jessa Phillips and Michael Falkner to look at all the characters, mythos, plot

Earth Station One Episode 165 – On The Road with ESO

The Earth Station One crew attended two very cool conventions over the Memorial Day weekend. Mike Faber and Jennifer Hartshorn were guests at TimeGate along with fellow ESO Network personalities Dr. Scott (Doctor Geeks Laboratory), Jason and Rita (Transmissions from Atlantis), Debbie Vigue (The Thirteenth Hour), and Phantom Troublemaker (Earth

Transmissions From Atlantis 34 – David and Billie and Zygons Oh My!

Transmissions From Atlantis returns with a vengeance as we focus on the whoniverse shattering news that David Tennant and Billie Piper will be joining Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman for the 50th anniversary special this November. The dynamic duo also review the Bells of St. John and preview the Rings of


PRESS RELEASE: Dear Stargate fans STARGATE ATLANTIS: The Furies (book 4 in the Legacy series) is available exclusively in ebook format from TODAY – a week ahead of paperback copies going on sale at Get your Kindle copy from Amazon (that’s Amazon US, UK, Germany and France) at $4.95/£3.20/€3,73 or in other


Fandemonium Books shared the following press release with ESO. For more on Stargate, check out these Earth Station One episodes: Earth Station One Episode 115: Stargate SG-1 Revisited Earth Station One Episode 90: The Earth Station One crew steps through the Stargate!

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