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The 42cast Episode 62: Star Wars – The Fandom Menace+

Last Jedi hit movie theaters two years ago, and the reaction was unprecedented. It made its bank as expected, but...

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News for 4/21/2017 and Star Wars Celebration 40th Anniversary+

Many apologies for this delay. Bad timing and illness hampered this podcast to be produced and released in a timely...

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CasterQuest Ep 53: “The Killing Joke” part 2+

Episode 53 covers our second half of “The Killing Joke”. This portion of the film is a faithful adaption of...

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CasterQuest Ep 32- PCR Animated Batman Film Reviews: Mask Of The Phantasm+

Mandy from CasterQuest and Travis and Xavier from Pop Culture Rewind team up again for another action packed series, kicking...

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Next On Earth Station One … Batman: The Animated Series+

Next week, ESO takes a road trip to Gotham City for a look back at Batman: The Animated Series. Often...

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