Issue 17 – Love And Thunder Talk, PERIODT!+

In Issue 17 Adam Whetston recounts a local act of hate while reaffirming exactly where this show stands on the...

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Soul Forge 80 – The POWER of FANDOM+

Saving the world while perched on the edge of normal! That’s the power of fandom! We’re taking a look at...

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Dragon Con Diary: Day 2+

I survived my first full day at Dragon Con! Although I stumbled back to the train station tonight in a...

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Geeks and gatekeeping: Discussing our favorite franchises without shutting out other fans+

The Internet — and the rise of social media — has benefited geek culture in a number of ways. It’s...

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PCC Multiverse Seventy One+

We preview the weekend at the box office with Ocean’s 8, Hereditary and Hotel Artemis, talk Nintendo and Playstation at E3 2018 and which conference is most important, we revisit the Happy...

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What do we do about toxic fandom?+

I’m proud to be a geek. If people give me a window of opportunity, I’ll gladly talk about Star Wars,...

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Soul Forge Podcast Episode 47: Me, My Son, and Star Trek+

Exploring the universe of Star Trek with my boy, a non-fan. Early Star Trek memories, The importance of the number...

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The 42cast Episode 28: Is Fandom Broken?+

We all know of examples of fandom behaving badly, and in this episode we delve into the question of whether...

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Earth Station One Episode 244 – Farragut Fest 2014+

The ESO crew beamed over to the Starship Farragut to find out why Trek fans from all ages boldly go...

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RevolutionSF Roundtable: Morality and Fandom+

Fandom is a huge community, so there are bound to be conflicting ideas. How should the geek world deal with...

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