NerdBliss – Bliss Bites, Volume 3

Volume 3 of Bliss Bites is up! Bliss Bites is a short-form spinoff series from NerdBliss. Bliss Bites are short segments by the NerdBliss hosts. In Volume 3: Community in fandom iPhone vs Android Support your friends Loki, First impression (after one episode) Call or text us 24/7 at (864)

Episode 100

The 42cast Episode 100 Special: Voices in the Wilderness

This episode we continue our celebration of 100 episodes of The 42cast. We recorded far too much material for our 100th episode that we just couldn’t fit it all in. In this episode as a bonus to you, you get the conversations that we couldn’t include! In this episode, Nathan

Thunder Talk Issue 18 – ‘Tis The Season For Retro Toys!!!

FIND US ON: Apple Podcasts – Google Play – iHeartRadio – Spotify – Stitcher and all that junk! Tis the season for Retro Toy!!! Mark and Dan look back at Toy Federation’s Retro-Toy Con, Greenville SC 2019 along with a whole host of incredible guests including Thunder Talk’s mightiest Avenger!

Issue 17 – Love And Thunder Talk, PERIODT!

In Issue 17 Adam Whetston recounts a local act of hate while reaffirming exactly where this show stands on the subject of bigotry and intolerance. Mark and Dan talk to Brando Hilton about southern, gay, entrepreneurialism while also discussing the hot fire that is his new podcast, PERIODT! We also

Soul Forge 80 – The POWER of FANDOM

Saving the world while perched on the edge of normal! That’s the power of fandom! We’re taking a look at how fandom is changing the world for the better. What is fandom? It is a group of like-minded people who come together to form a community of sorts. Social media

Dragon Con Diary: Day 2

I survived my first full day at Dragon Con! Although I stumbled back to the train station tonight in a bit of a daze (Dragon Con involves a LOT of walking, and you WILL get tired), I had an awesome day and can’t wait to go back tomorrow. It’s so

PCC Multiverse Seventy One

We preview the weekend at the box office with Ocean’s 8, Hereditary and Hotel Artemis, talk Nintendo and Playstation at E3 2018 and which conference is most important, we revisit the Happy Time Murders and with all the bad press and toxicity is it still cool to be a Star Wars fan? All this and more as Rob McCallum from Rob McCallum Films and Greg Hall from We Podcast & We Know Things join

What do we do about toxic fandom?

I’m proud to be a geek. If people give me a window of opportunity, I’ll gladly talk about Star Wars, Star Trek, superhero films, Doctor Who, etc. for hours. I’ve made a lot of new friends through the geek community, both in person and online, and it’s cool to find

Soul Forge Podcast Episode 47: Me, My Son, and Star Trek

Exploring the universe of Star Trek with my boy, a non-fan. Early Star Trek memories, The importance of the number 47, Science Fiction vs Fantasy, TV series, starships and space stations, Theme song controversy, Toys and collectibles, Hiding your fandom, Bishop’s interests, We’re on Spotify Our website is our


The 42cast Episode 28: Is Fandom Broken?

We all know of examples of fandom behaving badly, and in this episode we delve into the question of whether or not fandom is “broken”. It’s a complicated issue as we examine the interaction between fans and creators and how fans relate to other fans. We talk about how things

Earth Station One Episode 244 – Farragut Fest 2014

The ESO crew beamed over to the Starship Farragut to find out why Trek fans from all ages boldly go to Kingsland, GA this time of year. Mike and Mike speak with producers John Broughton, Michael Bednar, and Michael Day to find out what it takes to build a Federation

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