The 42cast Episode 65: Danger, Will Robinson+

The original Lost in Space was a contemporary series of Star Trek, but it never got the same kind of...

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The 42cast Episode 36: Defenders Deploy+

Iron Fist season 2 drops today, so we decided to take a look at the last series to feature Danny...

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Why Marvel and Netflix are telling some of the best superhero stories today+

There’s a scene in the middle of the new season of Marvel/Netflix’s “Luke Cage” where Mariah Dillard, the season’s main...

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Metal Geeks 121: 2016 Rewind Geekery+

The Metal Geeks return for 2017 with our annual Rewind episode as Cary the Metal Geek, Brutal Dave, George and...

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Metal Geeks 109:+

Joining your hosts this week is Justin from Comical Podcast as they dive into topics ranging from San Diego Comic...

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News for 6/04/16 and 7 Season Finale Reviews+

Returning with a vengeance, I, The Monster, took the podcast one step further. Aside from the regular 3 news items...

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Metal Geeks 100.1: Dis Or Dat Guest Geekery+

Join us for our companion episode to our 100th episode extravaganza where we invited friends of the show to play...

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Metal Geeks 100: Ultimate Geekery+

Welcome to our special anniversary ultimate 100th episode extravaganza that of course features your three hosts, Cary the Metal Geek,...

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Metal Geeks 99: Dawn Of Geekery+

The Metal Geeks crew reconvene and blab away on a wide variety of topics including Batman V Superman, Fleshgod Apocalypse...

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – 10 Cloverfield Lane+

The Monster Scifi Show Podcast is going to tackle the mystery of 10 Cloverfield Lane. How is this connected to the Cloverfield...

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