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The Monster Scifi Show – Little Monsters and Interview with Abe Forsythe+

A washed-up musician teams up with a teacher and a kids show personality to protect young children from a sudden...

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THUNDER TALK: DragonCon Debriefing – Cybertronic Spree – The Howlin’ Roosters+

The Thunder Talk DragonCon after-action report! Mark McCray joined your Thunder Friends to share some of his favorite con moments....

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PWR Spot Show: Comedy In Wrestling+

The PWR Spot Show is back on the air as the three man team of John, Richard, and the returning...

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The Nerdy Laser Podcast-Episode 13: The Attraction Of Haunted Houses+

This time around on the Nerdy Laser Podcast we shift a little bit from our normal 90s talk to discuss...

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The Nerdy Laser Podcast- Episode 12: Misery (1990)+

To continue the celebration of the month of October, which of course is Halloween, I (Richard T. Ewell) have invited...

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The Nerdy Laser Podcast-Episode 10: TV Themes From The 1990s+

The Nerdy Laser is back with the duo of myself, Richard T Ewell & the pop culture trivia king from...

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The Pro Wrestling Roundtable Podcast Episode 66 – The Holiday Special 2017!+

To celebrate the season we start the show off with a song with Dusty & Friends with their version of...

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Ghostbusters (2016)+

Check out my review of the new Ghostbusters movie. Remember, there are spoilers so don’t listen until after you watch...

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Needless Things Podcast 84 – MST3K+

 Phantom Troublemaker talks Chad J. Shonk (writer of Dakota Sky and the novel Proxy) and Beth V. about the history of Mystery Science Theater 3000...

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Ratchet RetroCast Episode 35 – And Now for Something Completely RetroCast+

Message for you sirs! Stop us if we’re being too silly, but today, the RetroCast is talking about Monty Python....

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