The 42cast Episode 62: Star Wars – The Fandom Menace+

Last Jedi hit movie theaters two years ago, and the reaction was unprecedented. It made its bank as expected, but...

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RUSTED ROBOT PODCAST # 243 – Chewbacca, Twinkies & Comic Books+

What do Chewbacca, twinkies and comic books all have in common? They feature heavily in this week’s episode of the...

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PCC Multiverse Episode #51+

NFL Championship weekend preview, Chewbacca and the Star Wars universe, Nintendo Labo and more!

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2011’s 73 hottest unproduced scripts include a Chewbacca comedy+

By Matthew Jackson, Source; The Black List, an annual grouping of the most-liked unproduced screenplays in Hollywood, is out...

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1st look at Chewbacca’s animated debut on Star Wars: The Clone Wars+

It’s been a long time coming, but the Wookiee co-pilot will make an appearance on the season finale of Cartoon...

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