Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder as standards vary from epoch to epoch, and from culture to culture. That which is desired in one era or part of the world, may be reviled and shamed in another part. There are no hard rules. That is why, this week, the Soul Forge Podcast dives into unrealistic beauty standards from around the world!

As a society, we are bombarded with thousands of advertisements everyday. Because of photoshop and very clever marketing, we as a society have become conditioned to accept a very narrow definition of what beauty really is, and what it can look like. My sexy may not be your sexy.
Instagram stars are creating a new kind of beauty reality, a reality that no one can actually live up to.
Clothes, and how you wear them, and what you wear, can help to combat the negativity.
Fake it until you make it – this is the path to confidence and contentment, and one day, it will not be fake anymore. The confidence will be real, and you’ll truly feel it inside.
Minimal effort can make a huge difference in self esteem, so never give up, and never surrender.

Unrealistic Beauty Standards for Women:

tanned skin vs pale – perception has changed over time
social status – higher status means less working
Geisha culture – white face, round face
large vs small body shape – cultural variance in desirability
foot binding – does not sound or feel pleasant

Unrealistic Beauty Standards for Men:

Giant muscles vs The Dad Bod – which is sexier depends on preferance
the full beard look – not always easy to do well
baldness and the comb-over – either accept reality or hide from it but realize you aren’t fooling anyone
height – taller is almost always the preferance

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