Alternate reality you. What is that version of you doing right now? Is he or she living the life that you could only dream of? Or has every decision you’ve ever made been the best one, the one that has allowed your life to flow into the best possible outcome?

Life is full of choices. Choices, by their very nature, have multiple options. These option points are what we call forks. You can choose to follow one path or another, and the outcomes can be life altering. Every fork in the road leads us somewhere. Sometimes these roads are amazing, and sometimes they are unpleasant, and yet they all teach us and help us grow.

This week on the Soul Forge, Shawn is joined by Dave, Rene and Bob. Together, these 4 friends discuss some of the forking choices in their lives. They talk about various kinds of forks, such as those dealing with school, career, marriage, and regret. Each of the hosts have their own opinions on this rather intriguing topic.

This episode will explore how life could have gone. How do you define success? What about mental forks, such as age and aging?

There is even talk about celebrity encounters, the importance of connection and life stages.

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