Does confidence come from within or through cosplay?

Cosplay expert Karen enters the Soul Forge to give us a brief overview of who she is and what she does. Will Karen be back on the show in future to dive deeper into topics we just barely scratched the surface of? That’s definitely the plan!

How did Karen and I meet? She learns a thing or two when this subject comes up!
Karen’s loves of cosplay runs deep, and her challenge to the costuming community did not fall on deaf ears.
The cosplay community is vast and varied, with many different skill levels and areas of expertise.
Shyness can bring fear and that fear can either stop you, or push you forward, farther than you thought possible.
Social awkwardness is real and many of us have it to varying degrees.. what is the costume solution?
Personal confidence is obvious and there is ofter backlash against putting yourself out into the world.
Costuming is great fun, but it does have some limitations.
GISH: Greatest International Scavenger Hunt, an intro…
The non-binary comfort zone.
Hair stories — beards, baldness and more.Confidence unmasked on YouTube

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