Summer time is here and with it comes the promise of possibility! It’s a magical time where anything can happen. This week we will be talking about summer traditions and memories.

Camping traditions….camping is the first thing that comes to mind when you say summer!
Who were Nan and Jean, and what is the Beals Lake story?

Summer tropes: Watermelon, hotdogs, fires, marshmellows, fireworks, crawdads, hiking and biking

Yardsale Season is always fun and the summer brings out the collectors and junk hunters!

Music festivals are huge during this season. Listen to my Alanis Morissette story.

Fishing stories and Xbox adventures…turns out I’m not that much into fishing, but I enjoy a nice boat ride.

Brother Adventures: the brother hiking excursion was pretty scary at times, but the concert road trip was fun!

August life celebration event…what are you doing with your summer?

ReBoSh weekends…what is ReBoSh? Find out here!

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