X-men first class will be delayed because of The Hunger Games SequelBy Trent Moore, Source: Blastr.com

We finally know when work will begin on a sequel to X-Men First Class—but thanks to the success of The Hunger Games, it’s apparently going to take a bit longer than we’d hoped.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence, who stars as Katniss in The Hunger Games, has quickly become a bona fide star in the wake of the film’s box office bonanza. So big, in fact, that she won’t be available to shoot that X-Men: First Class sequel until January 2013.

The Hollywood Reporter is saying Fox will delay production on X-Men until next year, to give Lawrence time to work on the Hunger Games follow-up Catching Fire later this year.

Lawrence co-starred in First Class as the mutant Mystique, and now that she has some star power, there’s no way they would make a sequel without her.

But, considering the timetable, this doesn’t give Hunger Games’ studio Lionsgate much more time to iron out that whole debate on who will direct Catching Fire.

So, hurry it up guys—we want some more X-Men.

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