New Flintstones on Hold.. Good or Bad?by Brendon Connelly, Source:

When Seth MacFarlane presented his first script for a new, animated Flintstones series to Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly, the feedback was actually positive, just not positive enough.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reilly said that “likes it but doesn’t love it.” Their report goes on:

Given the limited number of holes the network has to fill on its schedule and the high-profile nature of the property, Reilly needed to love the project to give the green light.

I’ll remember that when the new season starts. Every fresh show will be something Reilly loves.

MacFarlane was apparently given the option to do a quick rewrite and get the script up to scratch but instead decided to put it on the back burner. It’s not too surprising – he’s in the midst of finishing up Ted, his feature film debut, and also has three pre-existing shows to tend to, as well as a new science program, Cosmos.

But this decision to freeze the project was not too popular, according to the report. Several people were let go and Dan Palladino, MacFarlane’s co-writer had to be paid out of his contract.

It seems pretty final: not only have people lost their jobs, the Flintstones office has now been cleared. The Hollywood Reporter rather optimistically described the show as being “on life support.”

Anyway, proof if proof be need be that there is some kind of quality control being exacted upon MacFarlane’s scripts.