Can The Predator be a good movie?

We take a hard look at the Predator and Alien film franchises,
The Predator red band trailer,
Marvel, Blade and Wesley Snipes movie talk rumours,
Netflix and Blizzard to make a Diablo series,
He-Man documentary review: Power of Grayskull,
Disenchanted on Netflix review,
Guardians of the Galaxy 3 on indefinite hold,
RIP Ghost Rider co creator Gary Friedrich 1943 – 2018

We have a pretty decent and in depth conversation about hunting and conservation, and we chat about Josh’s new gasoline conversion kit for his bike. We discuss Shawn’s birthday and party game ideas. Then we talk about a new podcast Shawn is working on with his Twitter friend Sheamus. And we ask you to vote on which decal Josh should get for his bike’s gas tank.

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