So many great pop culture topics this week on The Rusted Robot Podcast. We’re talking about Star Trek, and what we would like to see from the franchise in the near future. Robots are a staple of science fiction and we have a list of all the things they were supposed to have been doing or have done by now. Lots of crazy ideas. In Search Of is returning and the host is Kelvin-Trek Spock. The Meg gets another movie review from another host of the show. We talk about logos and logo design and how it could be a great business idea. The Big Bang Theory is in its last season. And we remember the one and only Robin Leach. Plus, there’s all the usual banter and laughter you’ve come to expect from The Rusted Robot Podcast.

Star Trek thoughts, hopes, speculation,
The Big Bang Theory to end after season 12,
The Meg, another movie review,
In Search Of returns with Zachary Quinto,
99 things robots were supposed to have done by now,
Logo designs and business ideas,
YouTube channel content,
Backpack, knapsack or packsack?
Robin Leach 1941 – 2018

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