Rusted Robot 205: Where’s The Prize Inside?

The Rusted Robot Podcast

Remember when your morning breakfast cereal had a cool prize inside? We do! We are old enough to recall some pretty amazing surprises. We talk about Funko bringing the breakfast cereal prize back to market with their all new FunkO Cereal, coming some time this summer! We can’t wait.

Steve Ditko, the co-creator of Spider-Man and Doctor Stephen Strange has passed away at the ripe old age of 90. We talk about his cultural impact, the comic books he worked on, and some of the characters he was responsible for adding to the Marvel comic canon.

The Monster Squad was a movie from 1987 that bombed at the box office. And yet, it has become a cult classic thanks to VHS and DVD. We play the documentary trailer for the film’s history called Wolfman’s Got Nards. We talk about the film’s impact, its legacy, and our reactions to it.

Incredibles 2 was recently watched by one of our co-hosts and she gives us a brief movie review, and tells us some of the issues that she had while viewing it.

In robot news, we present some information about MIT’s Cheetah 3 robot. How is it different from other, similar robots? What can it be used for?

Batman’s issue #50, ‘Holy Matrimony Batman’ the marriage issue was recently released. However, before its release, the New York Times wrote an article with spoilers in the headlines. Spoilers in the headlines are bad. They gave away the entire outcome of the issue before anyone had a chance to purchase and read it for themselves.

Magic: The Gathering. Josh taught Shawn to play the game and they talk about their reactions, and history with the game.

Email feedback! We have a listener’s response to our latest episode. It’s very exciting.

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