The Ratchet Retrocast Ep 54
Merciful Minerva! Join us as we fangirl over the beautiful and powerful Wonder Woman. Q, Chris, and returning with us is burlesque star and not-that-secret Wonder Woman expert Talloolah Love! Listen to riveting recollections about the amazing amazon and princess of Paradise Island (or Themyscira if you’re so inclined), who is not only the most iconic independently spawned female superhero but also played a huge role in our political culture of America!

Show Notes
History of Wonder Woman
Awesome WW Fan Film
The Controversial 70s Wonder Woman
Lasso of Truth
Gloria Steinem on Wonder Woman

Final Thoughts
Burlesque Atlanta Podcast
Assorted Mix, a Candybox Revue Event
Naked Girls Reading Atlanta
Dragon Con Burlesque
The Mechanical Masquerade: Dystopia
The RetroCast Round Up at Dragon Con